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What a privilege and honour it was to represent MAF, and march for Pride at MardiGla 2023.
It was a beautiful and peaceful demonstration, and celebration of all genders, identities, and
sexual orientations. As, they were all represented, accepted, and celebrated on this glorious
afternoon in Glasgow City Centre.

The atmosphere was electric and infectious as everyone came together to participate, as we
walked, sang along to the music, danced, and waved at the crowds of people that lined the
streets of Glasgow to show their support and allow themselves to be swept up with the overall
vibrancy of the event. There were stalls available to purchase colourful merchandise and
memorabilia, which added to the continuity of colour witnessed throughout the day, inclusive
of flags, hats, whistles, glasses, and various fun and pretty accessories. We even managed to
beat the odds on the predicted weather, as it remained dry, and the sun was shining brightly
throughout the day.

It is interesting to note that the event itself was attended by all age ranges, from little babies
and toddlers with their parents to the more mature members of society. Some people adorned
everyday attire, with a splash of face paint or an additional accessory. Whilst some
participants surpassed all expectations with full body paint or fabulous costumes that didn’t
fail to impress. People were able to show up as their most authentic selves and express
themselves freely, without fear of judgement or persecution. It was a beautiful sight to see,
and still brings a smile to my face when I reflect on how it felt to be part of something so
important and joyous. It was truly inspiring.

LGBTQ+ Champion
Client Support Officer

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