How We Help

When you first call the Moira Anderson Foundation please be assured that you won’t be asked to give a lot of personal information over the phone. Some of the details we require are your name, contact number and date of birth. You will be offered an initial appointment via telephone with a member of our client support team. When you have your initial appointment, they will explain what services are available to you, and will get further information from you – this won’t require you to give details about the abuse you have experienced, unless you choose to do so.

This appointment will also allow you to express any worries or ask any questions you may have. If you choose to go on the waiting list for one of our therapies you will be offered fortnightly on-going support until an appointment is available for you.

For further information about the type of Therapies that we can offer, or to view our Case Studies please click on the button below.


If you have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse and you need to talk to someone, we are here for you, and we are listening