Safe Hands

MAF facilitates and delivers “Safe Hands” training, which is aimed at all ages and groups to promote personal safety strategies for everyone. Training can be accessed by schools, and other statutory agencies, e.g. social work, health and police. The full programme is certificated and conducted over 2 days, with everything required supplied to attendees.

If you are interested in having this training held in your organisation, please contact us. From 2020, MAF offers “Safe Hands” programmes based in our own training suite at Mavisbank St, Airdrie, providing catering to participants at a very reasonable cost.

MAF has a strong track record in delivering training to early years personnel in the private and public sectors, to Youth Organisations, staff and students in Colleges of Further Education, and to other agencies which have Child Protection high on their agenda, eg, the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, The Scottish Childminding Association.

Short “Safe Hands” Workshop Presentations

MAF also delivers FREE awareness raising presentations and talks to schools, nurseries, safeguarding church representatives, Rotary Clubs, etc., to promote strategies about keeping safe and understanding of the effects that childhood sexual abuse can have on the individual and society. Youth Organisations, Women’s Guild, Men’s Networks within church groups and others such as Probus which require speakers, often book MAF to also hear more about what the charity does, and how it can be helped with donations.

A Taster info session on “Safe Hands” from an hour to an hour and a half can be provided to your agency for a very reasonable agreed cost. Taster sessions are fun and are run workshop-style.

Costs for the full “Safe Hands” programme of 2 days which is accredited and certificated for personal development purposes by MAF, can be requested. A day is 9.30-4.00 with breaks. Attendees will normally number 12-15 people, and no more than 20.

Other Training Resources Available: DVD, Book & Pack

One of Our Ain

We developed a film script from a highly successful stage play called “One of Our Ain” written by our founder Sandra Brown, which premiered in London’s Soho Theatre.

It is virtual theatre in that the actress is the person who actually experienced what is dramatized. Adapted from her best selling book “Where There is Evil” (Pan Macmillan), it is based on Sandra’s own childhood and involvement in a real life situation– the tragic abduction of 11 year old schoolgirl Moira Anderson from Coatbridge in 1957- which is now Scotland’s longest unsolved cold case. The play deals with family relationships, betrayal, domestic violence, murder, paedophiles and their lasting impact on victims and families over generations. The play has toured overseas, and was performed in The Lowry, Manchester and New York, as well as completing a well-attended Fringe run at the Edinburgh Festival. It has received superb feedback, including:

‘Wonderfully performed, a beautiful depiction of human resilience.’3 Weeks, Edinburgh Fest

‘A searing personal testimony…………………………remarkable.’ Manchester Evening News

‘Real life theatre………………an exceptionally moving performance.’

A DVD of significant quality also called “One of Our Ain”, filmed by Scope Productions Ltd, is available at a cost of £10.00. Postage and packaging can be arranged for you.

Where There is Evil (PAN) is available on Kindle or costs £10.00 via MAF.

Stay Safe Pack – We provide a resource pack of interest to schools, churches, youth organizations, etc, as well as colleges, universities and child protection agencies, which includes the DVD, a CD of music by Carol Laula with the song ‘Little Angel’ about Moira, and guidelines to help trainers and teachers explore issues raised in the play. The suggested guidelines assist discussions on the importance of personal safety. The pack has Sandra’s book and also the script of her play included and is available from MAF, priced £30.00. Postage and packaging can be arranged for you.

A RESOURCE FOR TEENAGERS AFFECTED BY ABUSE is also available from MAF, as well as being published online by our International Ambassador.

The Truth That No One Tells Teenagers by Matthew McVarish is published by Raphael Publications and priced £10.00.

This is a frank and honest sharing of information giving ten facts it is crucial for survivors to know, in order to help them recover from sexual abuse.

Responses from Survivors:

‘I wish I had read something like this when I was much younger. I would have been able to find my way earlier.’

‘Moving, painful in parts to read, but above all encouraging and full of hope.’

‘The love & care with which it has been written are so apparent. Truly inspiring!’

‘I think this book has important messages for all survivors, not just young people.’

Responses from Therapists:

‘I’m not aware of anything else like it available as a resource.’

‘It will instill hope in others that things can be different, that we can think & feel differently about our experiences of abuse and that we are not defined by the abuse.’

‘I found this book a very easy read, and I feel survivors would too.’

If your company or organisation would like further information on the training packages we offer please get in touch with our team