Our current wait time for an initial appointment is around 14-16 weeks.

At the initial appointment the Client Support Officer will gather some necessary information from you, such as, what (if any) medication you're on and your GP details. They will also complete an evaluation with you. There will be time towards the end for you to talk about what's brought you to MAF at this point in your life.

We endeavour to have a minimal waiting period.

You will be offered a block of eight sessions for Integrative Therapies, Time Line Therapy and Art Therapy and a block of five sessions for Thought Field Therapy, with the possibility of extending the amount of sessions if this is needed. We aim to see children for as long as necessary.

There is no cost involved. The Foundation covers all therapy fees. However, we do ask clients to give at least 48 hours notice if they are cancelling an appointment; this is to reduce the cost incurred by MAF.

Yes. Appointments are made for the same day and time each week.

We offer a confidential service. The only way we will break that confidentiality is if you tell us that you or anyone else is at risk of harm. We will talk this over with you in the first instance.

We have a Client Support Officer (CSO) who is fluent in Classical Arabic and (other dialects) and French. If you would like to be seen by this CSO please make us aware when you contact us. Outwith these languages, if your English is limited, we will try our very best to offer you support.
The team at MAF have an understanding of the cultural issues that can affect the wellbeing of people from the black and minority ethnic communities.


If you have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse and you need to talk to someone, we are here for you, and we are listening