Glasgow Hub

The Glasgow Hub is project funded by the Glasgow Community Fund, providing various strands of support for people living in Glasgow. It aims to reduce barriers to participation by negating the need to travel to our premises in Airdrie.

The Glasgow Hub is a development of the Glasgow Satellite Service, which was set up to meet an identified need for Glasgow. Working in partnership with the Links Practitioners based in GP practices, services including counselling/therapy and complementary therapies have been piloted over the previous 4 years. However, the Glasgow Hub will broaden the services offered to include Client Support.

Those referred to the Glasgow Hub will be supported by our Client Support Officer, supporting them to a stage where they are ready to deal with their past trauma, enabling them to progress to therapy and/or support them to access other relevant services within the community. Client will be able to continue to access therapeutic support and complementary therapies. The Glasgow Hub is based in Glasgow City Centre, however, services will continue to be delivered in identified GP practices where Links Practitioners are based. Our 12 week Self-Management Programme, Hands on Health, can also be accessed. All services are available either face to face or virtually. Upon completion of the Hands on Health Course, clients will have the option to attend a Virtual Peer Support Group.

If you have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse and you need to talk to someone, we are here for you, and we are listening.