Counsellors & Therapists

Janine Lamont

I am a qualified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) and as such this is my main approach to therapy, although I offer an integrated approach drawing on aspects of other modalities depending on client need.

I have over 30 years experience working within community settings providing support, stress management, personal developments and self-management interventions for adults. For the past 11 years, I have worked with adult survivors of childhood sexual trauma, which is where most of my therapy practice is carried out. Within this I have experience of delivering CBT disorder specific treatment plans for a wide range of anxiety and depressive disorders including PTSD, Depression, Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Phobia’s, OCD and Low Self Esteem.


Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Group Work (COSCA Validated)


COSCA – The Professional body for Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland

Linda Smith

I am an Integrative Counsellor who will greet you with compassion, empathy and respect at all times. You will feel heard, considered, and valued. You will have my undivided attention which will be confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive of your autonomy.

I appreciate individuality and will work with you with a bespoke integrative approach and will help you to navigate through your issues or difficulties in a more effective and positive way. I will respect and value whatever you bring and will work with you in a manner that suits you. I will work together with you to uncover and address what has caused or is causing you difficulties or pain.

I have worked for charities supporting children and families with disabilities. Addiction centres, primary and high schools, colleges, Marriage guidance and relationship support services and Trauma support services.

Some of the issues that I have experience working with include Anxiety, Self-Harm, Trauma, Self-Esteem, Depression, parenting concerns, relationship conflicts, Gender Dysmorphia, Body Dysmorphia, Sexuality, Addictions and Couples Therapy.

I use blend of Person-Centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused, Emotion Focused Therapy and Attachment-Based therapies, which will be client-appropriate. I adopt a multicultural worldview to ensure that I relate to all clients regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexuality, religious, political beliefs or socioeconomic backgrounds.


PgDip in Person Centred Counselling
Advanced Diploma in Relational Counselling

Jennifer Balfour

Hi, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jennifer Balfour.

I’m a self-belief, mindset, confidence life coach – my specialty being Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Therapy.

My background was working with a local authority for 20 years within Social Services and an Early Years Officer in a Family Centre. I worked with families through deprivation, addictions, abuse, domestic violence, and mental health. In my last 10 years in the Family Centre, I became the Parent Coordinator, where I facilitated all group work around mental wellbeing and child development.

I made the decision to leave the family centre as they were due to close and decided to study NLP – looking at our thoughts and ways of thinking differently; processing the negative into positive; changing the patterns we find ourselves in.

Qualifying in 2021, I set up my own private business where I work with lots of different events in people’s lives including Trauma, Fears, Abuse, Phobias, Addiction, Sleep issues, Limiting beliefs, Grief and Child behaviour. I work with people around self-acceptance and teach tools to support with anxiety, overthinking, stress and trauma.

I have worked at the Moira Anderson Foundation since 2021 and find the work so rewarding when I see clients change and become the best version of themselves. When they are ready to accept change and move on with their life, and the realisation that they are not to blame.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Timeline Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Dr. Brian Venters

I have been working since 2001 with the Moira Anderson Foundation after a chance meeting with Sandra Brown, the Founder. A teenage boy had made several serious attempts at suicide, and I had managed to resolve the problem very quickly and I’ve been here ever since. He is now a social worker.

I use a combination of all the skills I’ve acquired to resolve a variety of issues. Clients who have had many “labels” attached to them are in my opinion almost all suffering from Complex PTSD. I tend not to ask intrusive questions but will listen to anything clients wish to share with me. I help them to understand how their experiences have shaped their lives. Demonstrate to them how their brain protects them and how smart it is. Explain about triggers, flashbacks, nightmares. Talk about “flight or fight, freeze or fawn”. Empower them to treat their own traumas and teach them how to relax and get to sleep by teaching them self hypnosis. In other words, I expect clients to feel better and look better after they’ve seen me and put the skills I’ve taught them, into practice. I give everyone a guarantee which is:

“If you don’t use the skills I’ve taught you, they definitely won’t work”


Edinburgh University B.Sc., Medical Sciences (1972)
Edinburgh University M.B., Ch.B., (1975)
Junior Hospital Doctor at Royal Infirmary and Northern General Hospital Edinburgh
Entered General Practice (1978-2001)
Acupuncture 1982-1984 (Edinburgh and Beijing)
Member of British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (1986-Present)
Neuro Linguistic Programming (1991-1992)
Modified Thought Field Therapy (1989-1995) Glasgow, San Diego, Boston (Tapping)
Medical Advisor (Scotland) (2002-Present) to TACT Fostering and Adoption Agency with numerous courses in Counselling and Relationships organised by BAAF in Edinburgh, London, and Dundee.


General Medical Council No: 1348233

Liza Irvine

Play Therapist – Information coming soon

Lizzy Pittock

Art Psychotherapist – Information coming soon

Slavka Craig

Hypnopsychotherapist – Information coming soon

Gillian Wardhaugh

I am a dedicated therapist who has ha the privilege of providing crucial emotional support and actively listening to individuals in need with experience of providing therapy at the Moira Anderson Foundation since 2022.

I offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) , Mindfulness Therapy, Grounding Techniques and Integrative Talking Therapy. My approach to therapy is client-centric, ensuring the individual needs remain at the forefront of the treatment plan, I can adapt traditional therapies for Neurodiverse clients, ensuring everyone has equal access to therapy. Having worked as a CBT therapist for individuals affected by Childhood Sexual Abuse, I am well-equipped to address a spectrum of mental health issues, including Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Social Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Guilt, and more.


Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Groupwork (COSCA Validated)

Lynne Thomas

Information coming soon

Audrey Leckie

Information coming soon

Lynn Reynolds

I am a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) but use other modalities to make sessions integrative to your needs. I work with clients have or may be struggling with life events. I offer a non-judgmental, empathetic approach in assisting you in achieving your goals. I am here to support you and assist you in your counselling journey. I enjoy helping people and have a passion for supporting people. I am a down to earth therapist and will treat you as a person.

I have been fortunate through my work to gain experience working with a variety of mental health issues including: Anxiety disorders, Depression, Panic Disorder, Low Self Esteem, OCD, Eating disorders, Grief, Trauma, Sexual abuse and Addiction.


Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Group Work