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Safe Hands

We facilitate and deliver “Safe Hands” training courses and workshop programmes. We also deliver awareness raising presentations and talks to Colleges, schools, nurseries, youth organisations, churches, etc., about keeping safe and the effects that childhood sexual abuse can have on the individual and society.

'Safe hands’ was launched by The Moira Anderson Foundation in Monklands in 2002 to promote ‘Protective Behaviours’. Safe Hands spreads the word about Protective Behaviours in Schools using a ‘Whole School’ Approach and through workshops for parents and school assemblies. Talks to pupils are age appropriate from primary one to S6 and storytelling and drama sessions are available for pre- school pupils which introduce the concept of feeling safe and sharing worries.

Safe hands training can also be aimed at all ages and groups to promote personal safety strategies for everyone. It has been well received by many people including teachers, police, nursery staff and many other professionals and non professionals

It is conducted over 2 days everything required for the training is supplied on the day. If you are interested in having this training for your organisation, please contact us .

Questions & Answers

Can an information session be provided to my staff / colleagues?

A Taster info session on “Safe Hands” from an hour to an hour and a half can be provided for a very reasonable agreed cost to cover delivery and travel in your workplace, depending on location usually £75-£200. Taster sessions are fun and can identify if you wish the full 2 days.

If I have someone who has not done Day 1 Training can they still come along to the Day 2 follow up?

No, it isn’t possible to miss the introductory day and proceed to Day 2

What if someone does Day 1 but misses out on Day 2?

We would do our best to include them on another course if possible. Attendance Certification is only given on completion of the full 2 days.

We are keen on 2 days training but can’t find consecutive dates.

The 2 training days do not require to be together. Some agencies have them 2 to 3 weeks apart, some schools have gone for a date at the beginning of term and one near the end. More than 3 months apart would not be advisable, but we can normally accommodate dates.

How long is the course of a Day? Usually 9/ 9.30 - 4 or 4.30pm.

How much is the whole course likely to cost our establishment?

We are flexible about billing days separately or, for 2 days together if this is preferred. One day’s training costs £600 plus the trainer’s travel expenses, while you provide a suitable venue and cover all catering. Participants enjoy an informal down to earth approach and receive a Course pack. Attendees usually number 12-16 and no more than 20.