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MAF facilitates and delivers “Safe Hands” training and workshop programmes, which are aimed at all ages and groups to promote personal safety strategies for everyone. It also delivers awareness raising presentations and talks to schools, nurseries, churches, etc., to promote strategies about keeping safe and understanding of the effects that childhood sexual abuse can have on the individual and society.

Workshops can be tailored eg one hour/two hour duration, courses usually run one day or two days. 

Training can be accessed by schools, and other statutory agencies, eg social work, health and police. 

MAF has a strong track record in delivering training to early years personnel in the private and public sectors, to Colleges of Further Education, and to a number of agencies which have Child Protection high on their agenda, eg, the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland. 

‘Stay Safe’ is separate from our other training and is a drama based Project aimed at secondary pupils. Performance of the Play ‘One of Our Ain’ lasts one hour. Follow-on workshops are 30-40 minutes long, and incorporate strategies from our “Safe Hands” courses, which normally run for one or two days. 

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