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Thought Field Therapy

What is Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy is a new technique for the rapid elimination of all forms of emotional distress. It works rather like acupressure by utilising the body’s energy systems.

How was TFT discovered?

Dr Roger Callahan, a very experienced American Psychologist, discovered TFT fortuitously when treating a patient with a very severe phobia. Frustrated by his lack of success with conventional techniques at which he was skilled, he applied a kinesiology method normally used to treat physical problems.

Both he and his patient were astonished to find that her symptoms were abolished within 60 seconds; 20 years later the patient is still symptom free.

Since then Dr Callahan has developed his techniques so that many complex psychological problems can be resolved quickly and permanently.

Heart Rate Variability

It can be readily demonstrated that Heart Rate Variability (HRV), one of the indictors of the overall health of the autonomic nervous system can be improved by TFT. It is normally very difficult to improve HRV over time although studies have shown that graded exercise over a period of a year or stopping smoking for the same period can improve HRV by 20%. In contrast, TFT has been shown to improve HRV within minutes by on average, up to 80%. The changes are long standing and this has implications for a number of significant diseases.