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Play Therapy

Play Is the child’s first language 

Play Therapy Is a means of healing the child using their first language... Play 

Why use play therapy (Individual and group) with sexually abused children? 

With growing numbers of child sexual abuse being brought to our attention we embrace effective ways to “connect” and “heal” the child who has undergone significant trauma. 

The sexually abused child suffers from low self esteem , feelings of powerlessness, victimization and guilt thus experiencing defensive techniques such as numbing, splitting .repression and disassociation. 

“Play Therapy” allows the child to feel “connected” and be “healed”... 

Here at the MAF we presently have therapists with a background in “therapeutic play” who work with individuals from three to 16 years. 

“Play Therapy” provides the individual to communicate that which many times cannot be articulated ....we use the “child’s language of play...” 

We use a range of therapies... 

* Creative therapies (art, clay, music, movement and drama) 
* Sand play 
* Therapeutic stories 
* Creative visualisation. 

During “Special Time” we fully support individuals, groups and their families to help heal the scars of sexual abuse.

Children tell their stories through Play