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Positive Steps

Positive Steps is a Lottery funded project within MAF providing a holistic range of support for our adult clients with long-term health problems, enabling them to cope better with their condition and access opportunities within the community. The project delivers four strands of support: complementary therapies, the Hands on Health self-management programme, peer support and individual support. 

The majority of referrals to the Positive Steps project are internal referrals from our client support team and therapists. Clients can be referred at any stage of their support/treatment. They are normally referred to the complementary therapy service in the first instance, although they can be referred directly to the Hands on Health programme if they choose not to participate in complementary therapies. External referrals are also welcome to the Positive Steps project, clients already receiving support for issues around childhood sexual abuse can be referred directly by their supporting organisation. They can be referred to our complementary therapy service or the Hands on Health programme.

Support available:   Complementary Therapies
                                  Hands on Health Self-management Programme
                                  Individual Support
                                  Peer Support

What Our Clients Say!

"It allowed me to look closer at my condition and I can now give answers to all of my questions or now have the skills to manage or cope better thus improving my overall wellbeing"

"My health has improved; I am more assertive and kinder to myself"

"I've gained a new brighter, happier, contented, confident future that I am now going to enjoy"

"This should be available on the NHS"

"It's had a positive impact on my health and wellbeing"

"I've gained more confidence. I am a much happier and more positive person. It's changed my life for the better. I'm so grateful for being taught these techniques and have made some great new friends"