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Moira's Blanket of Love

There you stand nervously outside the door, tiny beads of perspiration trickle down your spine, your hand are shaking, YOU WILL yourself to ring the bell. 

The sound of footsteps gets louder as they finally reach their destination, the door opens. 

Instantly you feel the invisible presence of warmth encapsulating your very being, wrapping you up in a blanket made from fibres of the heart. 

Compassion, love and trust are the intricate threads woven throughout providing you with an overwhelming feeling of safety. 

And as you wait for your coffee, the blanket continues to work its magic as the threads embrace you over and over. 

Like the waves of the sea washing over you dispelling all thoughts of fear and doubt. 

Suddenly you are aware of a caring smiling face in front of you reaching out to you, guiding you to step forward to your safe haven where tears may be shed onto your wounds to aid their healing and laughter to ease the sadness behind your eyes. 

At the end of the session the blanket tightens its grip holding you secure. 

You say your goodbyes until next week. 

Feeling safe in the warmth of Moira’s Blanket of Love. 

By a Survivor 2008