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Case Study 2

Firstly I would like to say as a Survivor that I did not think that I would be able to ever tell my story about what I went through as a child. The Moira Anderson Foundation has given me the strength and confidence to reveal what has and somtimes still is a Taboo subject.

While I had been off my work with depression, my Doctor suggested that I attend and get counselling from an Occupational Therapist, to try and find out the reason for my condition, after a few sessions we got to the root of the problem, I had been Sexually Abused as a child, this is when I got information about the Moira Anderson Foundation.

After initially getting up the courage to actually make the phone call to inquire about the Foundation, I was put at ease with whom I now regard as a friend Maria, she explained about what happens there and how it is all staged at the speed that I would like to go, so I made an appointment to take the plunge and tell my story. That first day was so nerve racking because you can only imagine what to expect as you had never been to one of these places before. I arrived at the door and eventually rang the doorbell, was greeted by Maria with a great big smile on her face and she invited me in, she put me at ease straight away and showed me to the quiet room for a few minutes just to try and relax, it was in the quiet room that I read Moira’s Blanket of Love, and I relate to what was written, and said that there was not a truer word said. Maria took me through all that would happen during the counselling sessions when I got to see the counsellor, she was a great help to me in the initial period.

Guilt is the biggest and hardest hurdle to get over you just can’t get it out of your head because you think that you were the person that did all the wrongdoing and don’t realise that you were the innocent one but I overcame this guilt through Jeanette my counsellor, she made me realise that the person who had done this to me was wrong and that with me being so young could not be to blame, so after about 3 sessions I began to understand what Jeanette was telling me and trusting myself to actually believe in myself and place the blame on the other person. I thought that I would have taken this part of my childhood to my grave, but with the help of Maria, Jeanette and everyone at the Moira Anderson Foundation I now feel like a new person with everything that these people have done for me, and the foundation will always have a big place in my heart.