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Case Study 1

Jillian Lamb

ONE of the most remarkable cases MAF was involved in last year was that of Jillian Lamb, who once enjoyed a week-long romance with Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt.

Pitt was filming in the UK in 1994 when he was drawn to the young Glasgow barmaid, even enjoying her mother’s soup at her home. Jill, now 38, had a terrible secret. Her father, John Lamb, had abused her from her first day at school until she was 12. She only told her mother when she saw her father holding her new baby niece. 

Lamb and his legal team intended to use Jill’s story of a romance with Pitt to discredit her and present her as a fantasist. But he didn't realise Pitt had told the press in London in 2000 about his relationship with Jill, even urging Daily Record journalist Mark McGivern to ‘put that in your paper’. McGivern was called to testify and proved a crucial witness, destroying the planned defence. 

Jailing Lamb, 60, for seven years, Lord Brodie described him as selfish, wicked and cruel. 

Jillian said: “I would urge anyone who has been a victim to step forward.” 

And MAF will be here to support all victims of sexual crime.