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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q How quickly would I be seen after the referral?

A When you contact us to refer you will be given an initial appointment within 3 weeks.

Q What is involved in the initial appointment?

A The initial appointment gives you a chance to discuss any worries or fears you may have. It is also an opportunity for us to tell you about the services we provide, to talk through these services and for you to make an informed choice about which service you would like to access. 

Q How quickly will I see a therapist?

A We currently operate a waiting list where there is approximately a three to four month wait to see a therapist. For under 18’s we endeavour to have no waiting time. We offer on-going support in the meantime with one of our client support staff.

Q How many sessions are available to me?

A You will be offered a block of eight sessions for CBT, Thought Field Therapy and Person Centred Counselling with the possibility of extending the amount of sessions if this is needed. There is no cap on the amount of sessions for Art Therapy, Play Therapy or Youth Counselling. The duration of Filial Therapy is usually 20 weeks

Q How much does it cost for therapy?

A There is no cost involved. The Foundation covers all therapy fees. However, we do ask clients to give at least 48 hours notice if they are cancelling an appointment; this is to reduce the cost incurred by MAF.

Q Would I need to attend on the same day each week?

A Yes. Appointments are made for the same day and time each week. Thought Field Therapy will be the same time and day each fortnight.

Q Will everything I say be kept confidential?

A We offer a confidential service. The only way we will break that confidentiality is if you tell us that you or anyone else is at risk of harm. We will talk this over with you in the first instance.