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LGBT Charter

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posted 5 Oct 2018, 03:41 by Amy Russell   [ updated 5 Oct 2018, 08:26 ]

Hi everyone,

Here at MAF we are currently going forward with the LGBT Charter and wanted to make everyone aware of any resources we have to offer. Below we have attached some links that may be of use to you to some organisations that help with anything LGBT+ related. If anyone has any other organisations that they believe could be a part of this list would you please contact us on 01236 602890. Thank you.

  • - LGBT Foundation - This organisation supports LGBT+ and provides information such as sexual health, mental health, healthy relationships, domestic abuse, substance abuse etc. They also have groups such as Horizon (for lesbian, bi and questioning women), Bloomers (for women who are older) and Older and Bolder (for older men who are gay, bi or questioning).
  • - Stonewall - Their motto is "Acceptance without Exception". They offer help and advice to LGBT community. They give advice on coming out, criminal law, glossary of terms, discrimination, parenting rights etc.
  • - FFLAG (Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) - This organisation help parents and their LGBT children. They provide recommendations of info such as books, film and TV etc.They have a lo of resources and support as well as true stories and events.
  • - LGBT Health & Wellbeing - This organisation promotes health, wellbeing and equality of LGBT people in Scotland. It provides services and support such as mental health and wellbeing, an LGBT helpline, counselling, transgender support and community groups etc.
  • - LGBT Youth Scotland - This organisation provides help and support to LGBT+ Youth. They support the same as the other organisations listed but also provide local youth groups, digital support (live chat system) and an advice centre. They are also the organisation that created the LGBT Charter to promote being inclusive in schools and the workplace.
  • - Mind Out - This organisation is a mental health charity for the LGBTQ+ community. It is a service that is run by and for the LGBTQ+ community. They give support and advice through support groups, suicide prevention, counselling and also online support.

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