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Night of Stars 5 Fundraising Concert

posted 17 Sep 2018, 04:45 by Caroline Logan

We are delighted to announce that Night of Stars 5 will be happening on the 25th of October! Save the date in your calendar, its going to be a great night!

Scottish Women's Awards 2018 Winner

posted 14 Sep 2018, 01:04 by Caroline Logan   [ updated 14 Sep 2018, 02:15 ]

We are delighted to announce that Sandra Brown has won the Services to Charity award at the Scottish Women's Awards 2018! We could not be more ecstatic about the news! Thank you to everyone who has ever supported the charity, we wouldn't be where we are without you all.

Here's the lovely Sandra (right) with Avril (left) who nominated Sandra for the award!

Volunteer Recruitment Night

posted 31 Jul 2018, 01:49 by Caroline Logan

We'd love all potential volunteers to attend!

Ladies Lunch 2018

posted 31 Jul 2018, 01:45 by Caroline Logan

Please see the ladies lunch poster for more information:


posted 27 Jul 2018, 05:39 by Interlock Communications

We are saddened that in recent months a trusted former employee who resigned of their own volition last year has posted malicious allegations on Facebook.

These unsubstantiated claims refer to bullying, harassment and abuse.

The Board of Trustees refutes these accusations which are without any factual basis whatsoever. They have caused distress, and potentially undermine the excellent reputation of MAF. A series of recent and deliberate actions by the individual have jeopardised event planning and operational duties for staff.

The Trustees note that the individual has stated on a recent social media post accessible to the public: “I wish MAF every success in the future because it can really make a difference to service users’ lives.”

We wish to reassure our clients and many friends that MAF is thriving, and that staff have never been busier providing invaluable assistance to an ever-increasing number of people who need our services. MAF’s workplace is a happy one where everyone works together as a team under the management of our Director- as current staff, and those who have worked with us over many years, clients and visitors will testify. The Trustees are grateful for your support and thank everyone who contributes to this wonderful charity.

July 2018

BBC World Service

posted 4 Jun 2018, 03:13 by Caroline Logan   [ updated 4 Jun 2018, 03:48 ]

Sandra Brown's BBC World Service Podcast that aired on 30th May 2018 is available to listen at the link below. An insightful interview about Moira Anderson's story, well worth a listen.

Please copy and paste the link into your internet browser.

Ladies Lunch 2017

posted 11 Dec 2017, 05:09 by Colin Scougall

We are delighted that our Ladies Lunch 2017 raised £7000. Thank you to everyone involved.

Volunteer Mandy Young

posted 5 Dec 2017, 07:07 by Colin Scougall

Well done to MAF Volunteer Mandy Young and her helpers who raised £1510 for MAF 
with a Bake Sale and a Bag Pack at the B & M store in Bathgate.

Please Choose MAF.

posted 14 Nov 2017, 08:37 by Colin Scougall

Please Choose MAF.

Give As You Live

posted 17 Oct 2017, 04:45 by Colin Scougall   [ updated 17 Oct 2017, 04:47 ]

Why not raise funds for MAF while you do your Christmas shopping?

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