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The services that the Moira Anderson Foundation provides are only possible because of the grants and donations that we receive. Without the generosity of our funders and members of the public, we would not be able to provide this much needed and worthwhile service. Every penny we receive makes a difference and ultimately helps those affected by childhood sexual abuse.

The average cost of supporting a client is approximately £1000. Children can often require therapy over a longer period of time and therefore the cost involved is higher

Due to the current financial climate, we are struggling to meet our on-going costs and this has resulted in a reduction in the service we can offer. Our need for additional financial support at the moment is much higher than usual. Our referrals went up by 35% in 2009, this rise was sustained in 2010 and we’re on track to sustain it, if not increase it, in 2011. For us to return to full service we urgently need your help.

Some of the ways in which you could support our charity are payroll giving, making a donation or leaving a legacy. If you are a fund giving organisation we would appreciate it if you contacted us to to advise us of your application process. We would be most grateful for any help you are able to give. Please contact the centre if you have any queries.

Further Information can be found on the following pages:

You may find it useful to read some of our case studies, see below:
In most of the case studies, the clients names have been omitted to protect their identity.

Click here for information on our Confidentiality Policy.