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The Moira Anderson Foundation accepts referrals from Statutory and Voluntary organisations as well as self-referrals. You can make a referral by phone, email or by post. The information we would require in the first instance are details such as the clients name, address, basic background information etc. We can then arrange an appointment for the client or parent/guardian to come into the centre and meet with our client support team. This appointment can be arranged either through yourself or directly with the client. When the client or parent/guardian comes into the centre to meet with a member of our client support team, they will be advised of the support available to them. This could be Person Centred Counselling or Thought Field Therapy and Youth Counselling or Play Therapy, depending on the age of the client. This will allow the client or parent/guardian to make an informed decision about their support, it will also give the client or parent/guardian the opportunity to discuss any worries of concerns they may have.

For adults, we offer eight sessions of counselling/therapy, this may be extended after a review between the client and counsellor/therapist. For children the support we offer is open ended. The therapist will review progress regularly and the sessions will continue for as long as the therapist, child and parent/guardian feel it is beneficial.

We operate a waiting list for the therapies, on-going support with our client support team is available until an appointment for counselling/therapy becomes available.

There is no cost to the client involved for the therapy provided, however, if an appointment has to be cancelled, we request 48 hours’ notice where possible, otherwise the Foundation incurs a cost.

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We facilitate and deliver “Safe Hands” training and workshop programmes, which are aimed at all ages and groups to promote personal safety strategies for everyone. We also deliver awareness raising presentations and talks to schools, nurseries, churches, etc., about keeping safe and the effects that childhood sexual abuse can have on the individual and society

You may find it useful to read some of our case studies, see below:
In most of the case studies, the clients names have been omitted to protect their identity.

Click here for information on our Confidentiality Policy.