About Us

Moira Anderson was 11 years old when she vanished on February 23, 1957, after getting caught in a blizzard on her way to the shops. Moira has never been seen again. It is every family’s worst nightmare and Moira’s family were left to wonder and worry. It is likely she was abducted and murdered but she has never been found and the questions remain unanswered

The Moira Anderson Foundation, based in North Lanarkshire, Scotland was launched in the year 2000 by Sandra Brown as a legacy to Moira Anderson and her family. It provides a place of safety and support for children and adults who have been affected by Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Our Aims include the following

  • Providing assistance through therapeutic support
  • Supporting victims through the criminal justice system
  • Helping with Criminal Injuries applications
  • Campaigning for improved rights of children particularly in courtroom settings
  • Creating safety environments for children to disclose and give “best” evidence
  • Delivering a variety of education and training programmes to raise awareness
  • Develop skills and strategies on personal safety
  • Promoting early intervention initiatives to reduce the numbers of potential future victims of CSA
  • Providing advice and information to survivors


UK Associations –

COSCA (Counselling & Therapy),

BASPCAN  (Child Protection Issues)

National Organisations-

SCVO ( Vol Sector Body),

North Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (Voluntary Organisations Forum)

and sits on The Justice For Children Coalition Group ( A Campaigning Body MAF was instrumental in setting up to see better treatment for children and young people at court) and also

The Cross- Party Parliamentary Working Group on Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (we have been involved since its inception in 2000).

The charity also participates in the work of the

The National Reference Group for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse,

a Scottish Government Initiative which is spearheading a National Strategy.